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Car seat covers and chair covers

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Sheepskin car seat cover
Sheepskin car seat cover

Sheepskin car seat cover made of ecologically friendly ьфеукшфдю Size: 102 x 47 cm F..


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Car seat cover “Prestige”
Car seat cover “Prestige”

Warm, soft and comfortable car seat cover “Prestige” is made of natural sheep wool.This double-sided..


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Sheepskin car seat covers

Woolen seat covers are an environmentally friendly and beautiful solution that prevents premature wear of the "native" seats, creates the most comfortable conditions for the driver and passengers and decorates the interior.

Many people prefer woolen covers to other ones because the wool fabric is significantly softer than leather or textile, and much more convenient than synthetic velour or neoprene.

Sheep wool has unique properties:

  • Shape stability. The woolen seat cover is elastic and flexible, it keeps its shape well, the fibers do not migrate.

  • Antistatic. Wool does not become electric. You will not have unpleasant tingling feelings, as is the case when using things made of synthetic material.

  • Hygroscopicity. Unlike fabrics of plant origin (cotton, linen), wool possesses absorbing properties and catches moisture well, does not allow it to remain on human skin and dries quickly.

  • Durability. Wool products are quite wear-resistant, have a tendency to pill and ravel. With proper care, they can last more than 10 years.

  • Practicality. Due to the natural features of the material, the woolen products can self-clean, repelling dust and various types of pollution. This considerably simplifies the treatment.

Woolen seat covers are popular among car owners, especially, those who love long trips.

Sheepskin chair covers

You will highly appreciate chair covers for colorful Carpathian design, high quality, and convenience.

They are a functional and beautiful accessory that will not let you freeze, decorate the interior and create a cozy home atmosphere. They are soft and pleasant to the touch and make ordinary chairs stylish and comfortable. Wool is a practical and wear-resistant material, therefore, a woolen product will last for many years without losing its shape and attractive appearance.

All natural materials require proper care. To retain the original appearance and all positive properties of a woolen product, it is necessary to follow simple rules.

How you should care for wool 

  • Do not wash in hot water. The woolen product should be cleaned with a dry brush or vacuum cleaner. If you can not remove dirt using these means, it is better to give it to the professional laundry shop.

  • Use special care products. The department of household cleaning supplies offers a large number of wool care products.

  • Dry in a well-ventilated area, and preferably in the fresh air under the sun.

  • Use a steamer instead of an iron.  

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