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Sweet gifts

Sweet gifts


Do not know what to gift a person who has everything? You can present sweet emotions!

Treats from “Ukrainian Souvenirs” are ideal as a gift, they will surprise with an unusual design of a package and delight with an original taste and healthy properties.

Candies with congratulations are wrapped up in a colorful gift jar. Each one is signed: “Sweet dose for diet”, “For women’s happiness”, “For brain”, “Sweet dose for motivation”, “For children”, “Bank for money”, “For real man”, “For passion”, “Best Friend”, “Best Dad”, “For Birthday”, “Beloved Mom”, “From Fatigue at Work”, “I Love You”, etc. A wide variety of funny and pleasant inscriptions allow to choose a sweet surprise for your family, friends, colleagues or loved ones.

Natural honey sticks. These are sweet honey candies with various taste hints: apple, mint, hibiscus, cocoa, and chocolate.

Each stick is a small portion of natural honey and great health benefits.

Condensed milk. Favorite childhood treat has become even tastier! Try condensed milk with strawberry, banana, coconut, cherry, melon or raspberry flavor. The combination of a traditional taste and unusual fruit and berry additives will blow your taste buds. Condensed milk can be added to tea and coffee, used as a spread for bread or be eaten by itself, enjoying every spoon.

Fortune cookies. Cookies of good luck and fate so popular in the west and China can now be bought in Ukraine! A crispy cookie made in the shape of a half-moon has a small secret inside - a note with pleasant wishes or predictions. The sweets are wrapped up in beautiful gift boxes with various inscriptions. You can pick up magic fortune cookies for any holiday and occasion for your mom, dad, sister, friend, colleague or loved one.

Honey beans are sweet honey candies with various tastes: ginseng, coffee, chocolate, raspberries, blueberries, currants, raspberries. The sweets contain only natural ingredients: honey, pollen, wax, malt and molasses. Therefore, they are not only delicious for the sweet tooth but also useful for their health.

Our sweets are valued for their naturalness, unusual taste, and original design. A delicious gift set will create a festive atmosphere and set the proper mood.  

You can get sweet gift sets from us at a low price and with a convenient payment method. Delivery in Ukrainian cities will take 1-3 days only. Wholesale buyers can purchase our goods on special favorable terms.

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