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Арома-свічка чайна "4шт" "Шоколад"
Wholesale: $1.41
Wholesale: $1.64
Retail: $1.87
Арома-свічка чайна "4шт" "Червоні ягоди"
Wholesale: $1.41
Wholesale: $1.64
Retail: $1.87
Арома-свічка чайна "4 шт" "Тоффі"
Wholesale: $1.41
Wholesale: $1.64
Retail: $1.87
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Sarafan bool

Product Code: KD000330
Availability: Sold Out
Wholesale: $1.51 (>2000 UAH)
Small wholesale: $1.76 (>1000 UAH, <2000 UAH)
Retail: $1.99 (<1000 UAH)

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Unusual design of Gzhel porcelain hand painted figure. Symbolism and versatility make souvenirs an original present.
Sympathetic cow porcelain, painted in blue gzhel style on the snow-white. Such a statuette will be a great gift or a souvenir.
Size 8x4 cm

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Sarafan bool

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