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Tea "Milk thistle"

Tea "Milk thistle"

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Weight: 110.00 г
Length: 13.00 см
Width: 9.00 см
Height: 5.00 см

Shown with pancreatitis, hepatitis, steatosis, cirrhosis, chronic poisoning and intoxications. Treats chronic gastroduodenitis, hemorrhoids, goiter, enterocolitis, acquired immunodeficiency, diabetes, tuberculosis, vasculitis, collagen. Preparations from milk thistle also apply: when toxicosis in pregnant women, to improve vision, strengthen capillaries, to reduce cholesterol in the blood, stomatitis, pharyngitis, burns, purulent processes. At a dermatologist is a plant used in dermatoses, psoriasis, acne, herpes, hair loss and allergies. This medicinal plant - a good antioxidant that prevents premature aging.

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Tea "Milk thistle"

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