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Tea "Marjoram"
Tea "Marjoram"

Tea "Marjoram"

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Weight: 70.00 г
Length: 21.00 см
Width: 11.00 см
Height: 5.00 см

Herb Marjoram contains essential oils and substances that have expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial activity. oregano drugs increase the secretion of digestive, bronchial glands and streaming, calming effect on the central nervous system, strengthen the contraction of smooth muscles of the uterus, stimulates bile secretion, regulate the menstrual cycle, have analgesic properties. Known oregano and as a sedative and mild hypnotic. The infusion is recommended to take in the absence of appetite and as an aid to improve digestion. Tea oregano is contraindicated in pregnant women.

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Tea "Marjoram"

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