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Tea "Arnica"
Tea "Arnica"

Tea "Arnica"

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Weight: 30.00 г
Length: 21.00 см
Width: 11.00 см
Height: 4.00 см

Used as anti-sclerotic means: it reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. The broth is made from arnica flowers is considered a good remedy against worms, it helps in the treatment of gout, bronchitis, for gastric diseases, influenza, epilepsy. it is often used in convulsions caused by lifting weights. Preparations made from arnica have a marked choleretic effect. It copes well infusion of hematomas, various pustular skin diseases, minor burns and frostbite. Arnica effectively treats sores and strengthens blood vessels of the brain.

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Tea "Arnica"

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