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Natural creams for face and body

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Day cream "Fitor" "Glansana"
Day cream "Fitor" "Glansana"

For all skin types. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin for a long time. Protects from solar radia..


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Light face cream "Phitor" "Glansana"
Light face cream "Phitor" "Glansana"

For all skin types. Refreshes and tones the skin without clogging the pores. Protects from harmful r..


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Night face cream "Fitor" "Glansana"
Night face cream "Fitor" "Glansana"

For all skin types. Deeply moisturizes, nourishes and makes the tired skin shine. It protects agains..


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Hand Cream "Fitor" "Glansana"
Hand Cream "Fitor" "Glansana"

Specially selected herbal ingredients for a long time moisturize your hands skin, making it smooth a..


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Eye Cream "Fitor" "Glansana"
Eye Cream "Fitor" "Glansana"

Effectively reduces dark circles around the eyes and eyelid swelling. Eliminates signs of fatigue an..


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Every woman wants to look well-groomed and attractive and to preserve her beauty and youth for many years. Our natural creams and balms which is presented on our site will help her with it.
The main benefits of natural cosmetics are:
  • completely natural composition;
  • the content of natural extracts of high-quality oils;
  • thanks to the natural formula, natural cream penetrates deeply into the skin and acts at the cellular level.
In our store «Ukrainian souvenirs» you can buy both a moisturizing cream and a cream-balm, which has a rejuvenating property. And to make the right choice it's important to know what's the type of your skin.
Dry and sensitive type of skin
Dry skin has a pinkish-red shade without greasy shine. She has a thin horny layer and imperceptible pores. It is prone to drying and peeling due to low activity of the sebaceous glands. The skin of this type is painfully responsive to sharp changes of temperature. And if there is redness and rash from the use of different creams or from frequent substitute, then such a skin is sensitive.
The skin of a normal type is a healthy skin. It is clean and fresh, smooth and elastic. Such skin does not have red spots and inflamed areas. Care for her is minimized: it is enough to regularly maintain her health and elasticity.
Oily and combination type of skin
Typical features of an oily skin include greasy shine, large pores and a tendency to acne. The skin of the combined type has the same characteristics, but only in the so-called T-zone (forehead-nose-chin). At the same time the skin on the temples and cheeks is normal or dry.
Now you can pick up a suitable cream with the right natural ingredients to care for it.
The following components which should be included in the cream are suitable for dry skin:
  • water (distilled and thermal);
  • medicinal herb extracts;
  • oxygen bases;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • vitamins;
  • herbal oils;
  • esters.
For sensitive skin:
  • rhodiola rosea;
  • rutin (vitamin R);
  • allantoin;
  • panthenol;
  • amino saccharide;
  • oils.
For oily skin:
  • ascorbic acid (vitamin C);
  • fruit acid;
  • chamomile;
  • calendula;
  • elastin;
  • sophora extract;
  • ginseng.
Also included in the preparation may be the following additional ingredients:
  • vitamins with antioxidant properties A, P, C, E;
  • aloe;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • herbal oils;
  • esters;
  • lactic acid;
  • collagen and elastin;
  • stearic acid;
  • lanolin.
So, try to choose the means of body care only with natural ingredients, and in turn, we will help you, because our store «Ukrainian souvenirs» offers its customers only high-quality natural creams of reliable manufacturers with affordable prices.

Natural creams for

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