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Soap 3 in 1 "Magic Carpathians"
Soap 3 in 1 "Magic Carpathians"

Soap 3 in 1 "Magic Carpathians"

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The composition of the Carpathian natural handmade soap: Soap "wild berry", Soap "Lavender", Soap "bilberry".

Forest berry: make your skin soft and silky. Grape seed oil will soothe your skin and fill it with vitamins
Ingredients: organic soap base, grape seed oil, hazelnut oil, aroma of wild berries
Lavender: has a calming, soothing, antibacterial and wound-healing effect. Refreshes and enhances skin elasticity.
Ingredients: organic soap base, lavender extract, grape seed oil, lavender fragrance
Blueberries: Increases smoothness of the skin, eliminates irregularities
Ingredients: organic soap base oil, grape seed extract, bilberry forest, jojoba


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Soap 3 in 1 "Magic Carpathians"

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