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Soap 3 in 1 "For the ladies"
Soap 3 in 1 "For the ladies"

Soap 3 in 1 "For the ladies"

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The composition of the Carpathian natural handmade soap: Soap "Women's", Soap "Oatmeal", Soap "Lavender".

Women: Soft and fragrant soap for women gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin. It contains extracts of rose and violet, after using the reserves lightweight fragrant trail
Ingredients: organic soap base, extracts of rose and violet, jojoba oil, Perfume
Oatmeal: Oatmeal soap has the ability to moisturize, nourish, cleanse the skin. Oatmeal is contained in the soap, has sedative properties, and milk and honey make the skin smooth and silky. Soap is perfect for all skin types, especially dry.
Ingredients: organic soap base, oatmeal, apricot kernel oil, milk, honey, vanilla extract.
Forest berry natural soap with a luxurious aroma of forest berries will make your skin soft and silky. Grape seed oil will soothe your skin and fill it with vitamins
Ingredients: organic soap base, grape seed oil, hazelnut oil, aroma of wild berries.


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Soap 3 in 1 "For the ladies"

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