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Carpathian natural oil "Wheat germ"

Carpathian natural oil "Wheat germ"

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Weight: 255.00 г
Length: 4.00 см
Width: 4.00 см
Height: 15.00 см

The oil is obtained in a cold way from the very middle of the germ of the wheat grain. Of all the oils it is she who is rich in vitamin E is a vitamin of youth, a natural antioxidant, slows down the aging of cells and eliminates inflammation, vitamin F, rudimentary lecithin, macro and microelements. Stimulates metabolic processes.
Ingredients: Organic wheat germ oil, essential oil of orange and jasmine, vitamin E.
Application: wheat germ oil with essential oil of orange and jasmine is intended for face and body skin care for the purpose of massage with cellulite, nutrition, softening, moisturizing, and also for removing makeup.
It is irreplaceable to eliminate wrinkles on the neck, face and around the eyes. Used for daily skin care of hands and feet. It is recommended to apply oil in front of the bath, it favorably affects the surface capillaries and cleans clogged pores.
It is recommended for milky skin types (dry, mature, oily, problematic), improves complexion.
A natural UV filter.
Contraindications: individual intolerance of components.

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Carpathian natural oil "Wheat germ"

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