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Natural cosmetic Carpathian bath mixtures

Carpathian bath mixtures


In this section, you can choose natural aromatic bath mixtures “Carpathian soap-maker” at one of the lowest prices in Ukraine, wholesale and retail.

Healing herbal concentrate has a  pronounced cosmetic effect: gently softens, moisturizes and soothes the skin. Try fragrant bath mixtures and make bathing much more pleasant and healthful. Inhaling the aromas of roses, lavender, mint and wild berries will carry you away to the picturesque mountains, deep forests, and boundless valleys of the Carpathians.

Herbal bath collection contains only natural and healthy components: sea salt, soda, citric acid, medicinal herbs, leaves and inflorescences, grape and lemon seed oils.

You will feel the positive effect of the phyto product just after the first bath.

Bath mixture from the "Carpathian soap-maker" have a beneficial effect on the whole body:

  • provides general strengthening and increases the immunity;

  • positively affects the work of the heart and cardiovascular system;

  • normalizes blood pressure, relieves muscle tension and cramping;

  • helps with muscle fever after intense physical exercises: relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and relieves pain;

  • removes toxins from the body;

  • has calming properties to decrease nervous excitability;

  • possesses a relaxing effect to relieve stress and prepare for sleep.

Natural bath mixtures, generously gifted by nature of the Carpathians, are suitable for the entire family and will take care gently of your beauty and health.

Online shop "Ukrainian Souvenirs" offers to buy natural herbal bath mixtures from a reliable manufacturer at one of the best prices in Ukraine. We guarantee the best price-and-quality ratio of products, customer-friendly conditions for cooperation, and fast delivery to the cities of Ukraine (1-3 days).

Wholesale buyers can purchase goods even cheaper on special favorable terms.

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