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Soap 3 in 1 "Baby"

Product Code: km0070-5
Availability: In Stock
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Weight: 160.00 г
Length: 9.00 см
Width: 17.00 см
Height: 1.00 см


The composition of the Carpathian natural handmade soap: Soap "Strawberry", Soap "Orange", Soap "Raspberries".

Strawberries: Has a sweet aroma of delicious ripe strawberries. Gently cleanses and perfumes the skin, giving it a silky. Suitable for all skin types
Ingredients: organic soap base, hazelnut oil, peach kernel extract and aroma of strawberries
Orange: Soap with great sweet scent of orange juice contains essential oil of orange. The essential oil contained in the soap improves circulation. It accelerates metabolism in the skin, has andimikrobnu and antiseptic effect. Suitable for all skin types.
Ingredients: organic soap base, sea-buckthorn oil, grape seed oil, juice and essential oil of orange
Malina: Promotes narrow pores and reduce oily skin, gets rid of pimples and blackheads, smoothes small wrinkles
Ingredients: organic soap base oil, grape seed oil, raspberry seed extract, raspberry fruit


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