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Soap 3 in 1 "Flowers of the Carpathians"

  • Soap 3 in 1 "Flowers of the Carpathians"
    Soap 3 in 1 "Flowers of the Carpathians" Soap 3 in 1 "Flowers of the Carpathians"
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The composition of the Carpathian natural handmade soap: Soap "Verbena", Soap "Calendula", Soap "Lavender".

Verbena: Verbena Soap with an extract of the drug contained in the soap has an antiseptic effect. A deodorizing effect is complemented by excellent cosmetic properties.
Ingredients: organic soap base, coconut oil, verbena extract, peach seed oil.
Calendula: Has vitaminizing, anti-inflammatory and protioksidantnogo action.
Ingredients: organic soap base, wheat germ oil. sea ​​buckthorn oil, calendula extract and cottonweed.
Lavender: Lavender soap is soothing, relaxing, antibacterial and wound-healing effect. Refreshes and enhances skin elasticity. Gently cleanses and nourishes the skin with nutrients.
Ingredients: organic soap base, lavender extract, grape seed oil, lavender scent.

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Soap 3 in 1 "Flowers of the Carpathians"

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