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Хлопавка 50 см
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Pillow made of sheepskin fur 50 * 70
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Pillow made of sheepskin fur 70 * 70
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Blanket with sheepskin 1,8 * 2,15 usual
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Корзина покупок

Big bowl for borsch "Bouquet"

Product Code: vkb0019
Availability: Sold Out
Wholesale: $5.57 (>2000 UAH)
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Retail: $7.36 (<1000 UAH)

Big bowl for borsch "Bouquet" - your order




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There is used only a handmade work using temperature processing technology in special electric furnaces in the manufacture of tableware made from red pottery clay. This product is environmentally friendly and absolutely not harmful to health. An original and modern design of ceramic clay dishes will be the best find for a true hostess. And due to hand-painted dinnerware this dish can be as a souvenir and decor.

A  clay bowl for borshch is made of cherry pottery and painted in Ukrainian style with the ornament "Bouquet". Such a bowl can serve not only as a dining utensil, but can also be an element of decor.
Volume: ≈0,75 l.
WARNING! It is strictly forbidden to place the clay pot over an open fire during cooking.

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Big bowl for borsch "Bouquet"

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