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Tableware Wooden

Wooden utensils


Some years ago it was difficult to meet a housekeeper who could not use a wooden dish. Some centuries ago wooden dish was as traditional. People made a lot of things from wood: beginning from spoons, glasses, salt shakers, tubs, kegs and a lot of other wooden things for the kitchen. Trees were different kind of wood and birch bark as a material. Later, with the beginning of mass production of ceramics, such popularity was lost. Recently wooden dishes became to appear in everyday genesis because of its ecological cleanness. The most important advantages of wooden dishes are safety and closeness. The fact is that wood is a natural material without any chemical admixtures.

You have the greatest opportunity to buy clear dishes made of wood (glasses, kegs, spoons, forks and other wooden things for the kitchen) for the lowest prices in Ukraine! We have special propositions for wholesale.

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