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Paintings and icons from amber from 5.51 $

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Картина з бурштину середня "Коні"

Picture from amber "Angels"
Two lovely angels, depicted in the original picture of amber. ..

Picture from amber "Forest by the lake"
Heat and a very unusual picture, made of natural stones of amber. ..

Picture from amber "Forest with brook"
Exquisite interior decoration in the form of an unusual painting, decorated with natural amber stones. ..

Picture from amber "Poppies"
A remarkable unusual picture depicting wild flowers decorated with amber. ..

Picture from amber "Spring forest with brook"
A beautiful spring forest, laid out of amber stones. Very original and beautiful. ..

Picture from amber "Spring Forest"
A luxurious small picture made of amber stones perfectly complements the interior. ..

Picture from amber "Tree"
A wonderful addition to the interior in the form of a picture of natural amber. ..

Picture from amber "Violin"
A luxurious picture made of natural amber will be a wonderful addition to the interior. ..

Picture from amber "Waterfall"
A small picture depicting a mountain waterfall, set out with amber stones. ..

Picture from amber "Yellow roses"
Wonderful roses of yellow color, decorated with stones of natural amber. ..

Ікона з бурштину "Годувальниця"

Картина з бурштину "Миколай"

Icon of Amber "How to fly"
Little angels who master the science of flight, lined with amber. Size: 15х20 cm ..

Icon of Amber "Birth of Jesus"
Very beautiful icon depicting the baby Jesus surrounded by parents and shepherds. Size: 15х20 cm ..

Icon of Amber "Guardian angel"
The icon of the guardian angel in bright, sunny colors, decorated with different stones of amber. Size: 15х20 cm ..

Icon of Amber "Savior"
Icon of the Savior, made in the crimson tones and decorated with amber stones. Size: 15х20 cm ..

Picture of Amber "Castle"
Beautiful majestic building of a medieval castle, was captured in a picture made of amber. Size: 15х20 cm ..

Picture of Amber "Lamp"
Very nice picture, decorated with amber stone lantern image at dusk. Size: 15х20 cm ..

Picture of Amber "Leopard"
The majestic predator with a look that is simply mesmerizing, made of amber stones. Size: 15х20 cm ..

Picture of Amber "Mountain river"
The unusual pattern of amber, which depicts a beautiful mountain river. Size: 15х20 cm ..

Picture of Amber "Red Roses"
Beautiful bouquet of bright red roses, laid the stones of amber. Size: 15х20 cm ..

Picture of Amber "River"
The original picture is very beautiful with stones of amber, which depicts a river in the forest. Size: 15х20 cm ..

Picture of Amber "Small house in the forest"
Solar picture made of amber with the image of the autumn forest, in which nestled the little house. Size: 15х20 cm ..

Paintings and icons from amber

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Paintings and icons from amber
Amber has been known to people during the Neolithic. Because of its ease in handling it at once and forever won the goodwill of the people. With this stone, which is essentially a fossilized resin of coniferous trees, produced a variety of decorations, worship objects, symbols. In addition, it is assigned a supernatural magical properties, it is a pledge of beauty, longevity and health.
Even in the 11th century amber was used as a cure for many diseases: abdominal pain, cardiac arrhythmias. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory agent, and to stop bleeding.
A very interesting feature, including for collectors, there are ancient animals, plants, insects, drops of water or air, which will forever remain in the stone. It looks very unusual, it seems like looking back in time, because you realize that he had hundreds and hundreds of years. Already captures the breath.
Now Amber is also a lot of ways to use, it is made of ornaments, souvenirs and paintings. It is their we offer to purchase from our online store. Warm sunny colors add coziness to your home and will give not only beauty but also health benefits as well as amber is known for its beneficial properties, it raises vitality, it helps to fight stress and gives harmony.
Here you can buy not only beautiful pictures of landscapes, still lifes, paintings with symbols, portraits, but also incredibly beautiful icon decorated with this precious stone. Our managers will be happy to help you with your order and fast delivery within 1-3 days will be very pleasantly.