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Carpathian natural oil "Mustard"

  • Carpathian natural oil "Mustard"
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Received mustard oil from mustard seeds by squeezing.
Mustard oil with essential oil of fir and mandarin is distinguished by a high content of biologically active substances - phytosterols, chlorophyll, phytoncides, glycosides, high content of vitamin D, E, A, B3, B6, B4, K, P, F. It has antiseptic, nutritious and bactericidal act.
Ingredients: Organic mustard oil fatty, essential oil of fir and mandarin, vitamin E.
Application: Mustard oil with essential oil of fir and mandarin promotes active nutrition, softening, cleansing and moisturizing the skin, protects against premature aging associated with a deficiency of female sex hormones or with negative effects of ultraviolet rays. I am used as a massage oil, rubbing into the roots of the hair, to apply to the body after the shower.
It is recommended for any skin type, especially for dry, flabby and mixed.
Contraindications: individual intolerance of components.

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Oil, natural, for the skin

Carpathian natural oil "Mustard"

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