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Корзина покупок

How to make black pottery

  • 16 June 2015 17:16:52
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In Ukraine, the traditional black ceramics is made in the Lviv region, in the village of Havarechchyna. Thus, it is often also called havaretska ceramics.

These products stand out by their lightness and fineness. Two types of clay: fresh and fat, are mixed to produce this ceramics. The product is shaped on a potter's wheel, and a thin stick is used to apply a pattern. When the clay dries, it is put in the oven for 12 hours, where should not be any access to oxygen, so the products are actually smoked. Thus, masters obtain black color of ceramics without adding any chemical. The dishware looks very authentic.

The most popular products of the black ceramics are cups, pots, and turks, which you can buy in the online shop "Ukrainian Souvenirs". This dishware is not afraid of high temperatures, so you can safely brew fragrant coffee or herbal tea in it.

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