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Tea "Chaga" (birch fungus)

  • Tea "Chaga" (birch fungus)
    Tea "Chaga" (birch fungus) Tea "Chaga" (birch fungus)
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Made preparations of the fungus are active biogenic stimulators, which increase the body's defenses, improve metabolism, activate the metabolism in brain tissue. When inhibition of enzyme systems - reduced activity, regulate the activity of the cardiovascular and respiratory and respiratory systems, improves the blood increasing the level of white blood cells. They treat psoriasis, normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and restore intestinal microflora, positive effect on ulcer healing in the stomach. Has anti-inflammatory properties, enhances the activity of anti-cancer drugs that slow the growth of tumors, the spread of metastases.

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Tea "Chaga" (birch fungus)

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